Welcome to ParentsAwareness  …Hey fellow moms, I’m Olivia Lauren, a mother of two lovely kids.

And trust me;

I have heard, seen, and felt it all as a mom. And I truly understand that the parenting journey isn’t easy especially if you’re a 1st-time mom.

You’re dealing with the hassle, for real. You’ll find yourself doing things you’ve never done before. You’ll get a whole new set of responsibilities. During your journey, you will face many challenges.


You don’t need to panic!

I started Parents Awareness with one and only one goal to share my parenting Tips, Hacks, and best baby products reviews (to help you save money and time).

At Parents Awareness, we’ll share with you expert advice on how to buy the right stuff for your baby.

Whatever product you need for your baby, you can always count on us to guide you through the selection process and ensure that your choice matches your Little One’s specific needs and requirements!

Parents Awareness  is a place for mom reviews!

And unlike most of the review websites out there, we ONLY make honest & independent baby product recommendations.